Westchester, CA, United States, 01/28/2008

SoftMetro launched DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter v1.0

SoftMetro recently launched the brand new DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter, allowing iPod / PSP users to take their favorite video DVD movies on the road. The software,  available as a trial version at  http://www.softmetro.com/ , can convert any DVD movie to iPod Video or PSP compatible format, ready to transfer to iPod / PSP.
Many PC users that also own an Apple iPod or a Sony PSP, and that already have their own Video DVD movie collection, are keen to play those video files on on the iPod / PSP. So if they already own a consistent collection of DVD's, movies and videos at home, why not just transfer them onto the iPod / PSP, and watch all those favorite videos and movies wherever they go? To ease up this process, anyone interested can take a look at the innovative SoftMetro DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter.
The enormous popularity of the iPod and PSP devices has helped the portable entertainment industry fast track the technology, both software and hardware. In addition, the rapid progress made in the storage medium technology has lead to an astonishing growth of the DVD and entertainment industry. The trend towards the merge between the two sectors is clearly reflected by the latest multimedia software on the market, and SoftMetro DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter is no exception.
Any DVD movies or video clips can now be converted into the MP4 format, designed to be fully compatible with iPod (movies they can be transferred on iPod using iTunes) and PSP (which supports direct video copy). That's exactly what SoftMetro’s brand new DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter does, all in just a few mouse clicks. The days of multiple step conversions (first ripping movies or videos, converting them into AVI files, and then in the end encoding into either iPod or PSP compatible file formats) are long gone.  
Fast and reliable, the DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter comes with a variety of very useful functions, as well as a stylish and intuitive user interface. Designed to be fully compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 2000, the software makes it possible for anyone to have a truly portable entertainment center, on the iPod or PSP. There are no complicated configuration procedures or technical knowledge required – anyone who can operate an iPod or PSP, will certainly be able to use this program.
The DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter is quite versatile: it works for any movie or video DVD, regardless of quality, format (NTSC, PAL and other major formats are supported) or publishing country (US, Europe or Asia). It will even convert ISO files and DVD's copied and stored on the hard disk.
To make life even easier, the software allows to choose the exact titles/chapters to be converted, the soundtrack language, resolution of the video, audio sample rate, and the video bit rate. A built-in integrated player allows to preview the video or movie file to be created, so that the quality and size of video production is fully adjustable to suit the users' needs and purposes.
With this software, iPod / PSP fans can share their favorite movie moments with family and friends, and watch their favorite video clips at any time and in any location. SoftMetro provides a trial version (that allows to convert 5 DVD movies for free), which is available at http://www.SoftMetro.com/DVD-to-iPod-PSP-Video-Converter/ . For unlimited conversions, the users have the option of buying the software, and make every trip an entertaining experience, with the full version of SoftMetro DVD to iPod / PSP Video Converter.
Agency/Source: Originally published at www.softmetro.com in January 28, 2008 
Author: Daniel Adam 

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