Westchester, CA, United States, 01/15/2008

The SoftMetro website is launched

Coming to aid people who enjoy intense interactive media gadgets, the SoftMetro website proposes a solution to the pletora of DVD and video formats available worldwide, which is the Softmetro DVD to iPod / PSP Converter. The converter works with the majority of DVD and video formats, thus saving time and headaches for the user, who firstly needed to ripp the DVD or video movie, and afterwards transfer it to the iPod or PSP. With the SoftMetro DVD to iPod / PSP Converter, that can be checked at htttp://www.softmetro.com , everyone can easily perform a dvd or video conversion, ensuring a good quality viewable movie on their iPod or PSP.

The converter developed by the SoftMetro team is an evolved piece of software, combining the team's dedication and experience in working with media devices like the iPod and the PSP, and the desire to fulfill fans' expectations. The development process took account of the ongoing trend spree of DVD and video formats, that has created a multitude of diverse storage possibilities for movies. The SoftMetro DVD to iPod / PSP Converter is a complete software that secures proper conversions for any type of movie format, from a hard copy DVD movie to any ISO file.

The SoftMetro website will also contain an Article section, that will provide resources and pieces of information on diverse subjects related to the iPod / PSP world. Software updates, hardware enhances, issues concerning the overall performance of the iPod or PSP, every aspect will be explained so the reader will receive useful knowledge that can be applied in do-it-yourself experiences. In this way, users can enhance their iPod or PSP into real time multimedia centers, containing dozens of DVD movies and video files. With the new iPod models and the wide screen resolution from the PSP, users can enjoy a good quality movie display, converted with the DVD to iPod / PSP Converter that has special formating conversions that adjust the DVD to the screen measurements of such media devices.

Among other features included in the DVD to iPod / PSP Converter from SoftMetro, are options like selecting the exact titles or chapters of the DVD that someone wishes to convert, in this way saving a lot of storage space on the iPod or PSP. The selection of soundtrack language is also available, as well as modifying the video resolution, audio sample rate and the video bit rate, creating the perfectly adjusted DVD for any iPod model or PSP.

Because the team aspires to provide a professional and competent resource for iPod and PSP owners, they offer a 5 free conversions trial for anyone who wishes to try the DVD converter. In this way, users can see for themselves what SoftMetro is all about. Considering the fact that the DVD converter covers all area formating, like PAL or NTSC, and sustains a wide range of movie standards, one receives the benefits of a performant DVD converter that transforms any DVD movie into proper MP4 files, that area easily loaded into an iPod, via iTunes, or to a PSP directly. Time is spared and knowledge is gained so the SoftMetro website represents a useful target for those interested in multimedia entertainment gadgets, like Apple iPod and Sony PSP.

In the heavy populated domain of portable devices, there are a multitude of websites aiming to provide useful resources for the confused user, among these, SoftMetro is a notable presence that has started new with fresh ideas and competent services. For further information on the content of this release, visit http://www.softmetro.com/Pages/Press/2008-01-15-the-softmetro
. With their DVD to iPod / PSP Converter and their article section, the SoftMetro website holds a firm position on the stage of multimedia resource websites.

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